Petting The Unicorn

Short Film | Released: August 25, 2015 | TV-MA | 2:11

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Phil is a tough guy on the Internet looking to add to his unicorn collection, when a psychotic employee at Acme Unicorn Co., the website he is browsing, catches him in the act of not subscribing to their Email list and now he is no longer safe in his own home.

Inspired by Kate's book, "How I Quit Email & Followed My Dreams".


Director: Kate Bowyer
Producer: Phil Bowyer
Writer: Kate Bowyer
Editor: Phil Bowyer
Camera: Kate Bowyer
Music: Chaosweaver

Layna: Nora Whalen-Wagner
Layna Body Double (in office scenes): Kate Bowyer
Phil: Phil Bowyer
Warehouse Sweeper: Jess Dewell

Shot on location in Seattle, Washington and Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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Petting The Unicorn
Petting The Unicorn

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