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Welcome To BoozeHound

We are BoozeHound.

We are Entertainment

We have an entertainment company that develops original podcasts and videos.


  • A Walk In Darkness: A supernatural thriller limited series about two people searching for a book written by a demon.
  • Under The Influence: A comedy show that’s part stand up, part fireside chat.
  • Sounds On Vinyl: A show that celebrates collecting and listening to vinyl records.
  • Scenes From The Attic: A horror show that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

We’re also developing a new series called “The Unexplained True Crime Project“.

Video Series

Short Films

We are Music

We have a music licensing division that enables podcasters, filmmakers, businesses, and YouTubers to license music affordably for their projects while supporting the best independent musicians in the world.

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BoozeHound Shoppe

We also have a shoppe, where you can get fun and original merchandise. This will launch very soon.