We Are BoozeHound

Hey. Welcome.

Grab your favorite adult beverage and sit back as we tell you a story.

We are Kate & Phil, and we are BoozeHound. I know what you’re thinking. What the hell kind of name is BoozeHound? Well, besides an awesome one, it’s a name that fits us perfectly. On a simple level, it mixes our love for whiskey and for hounds.

At the time, we had two hound dogs; a half basset/half dachshund named Slinky. He was an awesome dog. His tail never failed to wag and he was always happy to see you.

Our other hound, Bumpus, is a red tick coonhound. She’s cute, but a bit ornery. She’ll bark at you even if your way down the next block and on the other side of the street. Just ask the UPS guy, he knows. She also sings Happy Birthday (extended howl version).

So we’ve got the hound. The Booze part came about because as we were building this new venture, we were diving into whiskey tasting. All kinds – from Rye to Scotch, to Bourbon. No whiskey went unturned (or should we say undrunk).

The two words – Booze and Hound – came together one afternoon when we were watching an old episode of M*A*S*H. A character was stumbling to his tent, and someone called him a “BoozeHound”. And, at that moment, weeks of brainstorming cool names came to a climactic, if not cinematic, conclusion.

We started out producing a few fiction and non-fiction video shows and books. It wasn’t long after that we added podcasts (we did create Phibble Radio afterall).

Today, we are to blame for creating several of your favorite podcasts. We have a Music company that includes a record label and music licensing. We also have launched BoozeHoundTV, which has a new style of video we’ve never done before along with some documentaries.

We have no idea what’s on tap for tomorrow. It’s safe to say it will involve tasting a new kind of booze (we’ve been into tequila lately (have you tried Sparkle Donkey?)) but stick around because this is the place to find everything we have going on, so come back and come back often (BYOB of course).