Drunken Leaf Cocktail – Lazy Bartender

This time of year we find leaves dropping like crazy and blanketing the sidewalks, streets, and cars with their colorful ways. It is also the time for apple picking, pulling out sweaters, buying bundles of firewood, and needing to warm our innards as they adjust to the cooler weather.

The best way to comfort ourselves, as the sun says goodbye earlier and earlier, is with the perfect Autumn cocktail, “The Drunken Leaf”.

Go on and make one, two or three, we here at the Lazy Bartender show never judge one's need for a drink.

Stop by your local liquor store and/or grocery store and pick up the following items:
Bourbon- the higher the proof the better.
Applejack-we use Lairds in all of our drinks.
Amaretto-almost like liquid candy.
Orange-the oranger the better.

The Drunken Leaf Cocktail Recipe:
1oz Bourbon
1oz Applejack
1/2oz Amaretto
slice of orange

Pour all the liquor into shaker with ice, add a good squeeze of fresh orange juice, stir, then strain into glass with or without ice.

About the Show:
The Lazy Bartender comes out once a week featuring Kate Bowyer mixing cocktails with 4 ingredients or less - because, you know, she's the Lazy Bartender and more than 4 is just too much (unless she’s tipsy and accidentally adds more).

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