The Kate Show / N.A.T. (Not A Tree)

Season 1 Episode 2 | Aired: December 17, 2014 | TV-G | 7:19

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I have lived an imperfect life. There have been times where I doubted myself, I did not let my true feelings come forth, I did not question authority, and I gave up too soon on what I wanted.

Perfection is a state of mind that put me into a box with few air holes. To not be perfect has meant I am traveling against the grain, feeling my way as I go along, and allowing chaos and messiness to catapult me right out of the box. Life now is about perseverance and the ability to connect with others by putting myself out there until they see me for my true self.

In this Kate Show Holiday Special we share a journey with Kate and Phil who have fallen into the trap of always purchasing the perfect Christmas tree, year in and year out, because of flawed thinking this somehow made the holiday the most authentic. We also meet NAT, who starts off as a piece of junk with a dream, and is spurred on to show his true self as soon as Phil acknowledges his likeness to a Christmas tree.

Watch and find out if these three connect to share a most non-perfect holiday ever.

The Kate Show was inspired by the book I wrote, "How I Quit Email & Followed My Dreams".

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