The End

Hey all, Phil here. Over the years we’ve scared you, made you laugh but today is a sad day for BoozeHound. 

It hasn’t been easy running a small entertainment company with big ideas. With the exception of a few guest appearances, it’s only been Kate and I doing everything. Just the two of us, but unlike the song, even though we tried, we didn’t make it. 

Kate has decided to move on and away from BoozeHound. It breaks my heart to announce that without her talented writing, brilliant ideas and overall genius, BoozeHound can no longer continue to produce shows. 

Kate and I would like to thank you for your support throughout the years, especially those who have helped us bring our ideas to life. 

This may be the end of BoozeHound, but the world is full of adventures and possibilities. 

Thanks for the memories, 

Phil (@iamphilbowyer)

Kate (@iamkatebowyer)