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Hey Hey,

Before we get into the numbers, details and all that jazz, The Hound would like to welcome you and also warn you that BoozeHound is unlike any other company you may run into. We drum to our own beat, and we create stuff that we like – sometimes that’s a bit racey, likely contains swearing, and always pushes the limits – but above anything else we are absolutely real and our audience loves that about us.

The other thing is, we uhh, well… we sort of despise advertising. In fact, in our studies we’ve seen that advertising can actually work against the advertiser. People have told us “I will never buy from anyone who puts their ad in front of a YouTube Video”. Use of Ad Blocking software is at an all time high and continues to grow. It’s safe to say people are generally fed up with lousy ads that get in the way of what they’re trying to do. I’m willing to bet, you’re the same way too.

But, all is not lost because The Hound has a solution

We practice something we call “un-advertising”. Yeah, it doesn’t have a fancy name, but it works. It’s got a few different pieces to it, but the goal is to get your message in front our audience in a way that a) won’t piss them off b) won’t piss you off c) won’t piss us off and finally d) will actually sell your wares. In other words, we make it as natural as possible and put people in the mood to hear your message.

How do we know it works? Because we’ve tested it. We’ve helped a relatively unknown rock band from Sweden not only sell thousands of records in an age when people aren’t buying records, but that awareness brought them to New York City for a couple of sold out shows. How did we do this? We simply used their tunes as bumper music.

We’ve sold numerous bottles of a certain vodka and a few hundred books, with just a casual mention on our shows – like you would in normal and natural conversation. So to put it bluntly, whatever you’re doing elsewhere will not work here. We’re going to take the time to make sure your message is heard, not just dispatched.

So, if all that sounds good, let’s get into some specifics….

Our Audience:

BoozeHound is an entertainment company that targets GenXers. CoFounders Kate and Phil are both GenXers, so they understand the market very well.

  • 39% Female, 25-49
  • 61% Male, 22-54
  • Likes to consume alcoholic beverages
  • Likes to laugh
  • Disassociates with authority / rebels
  • Is very loyal

Our Content:

We create shows and daily nuggets that tap into…

  • Nostalgia
  • Their Funny Bone
  • Current topics that they are interested in
  • Their love of music

The Opportunity

Currently we are looking to partner with distillers & brewers for a show called “It’s The Booze Talking”, and also a series of Bar Guides that will be distributed in both Digital and Print through some of the biggest book sellers around the globe. If you are interested in having a chat, please whatever you do, do not email the Hound. She doesn’t do email. Instead, shoot Phil Bowyer an email, he’ll be happy to answer all your questions and get you going.