The BoozeHound Story


The story of BoozeHound started in late 1989.

A nineteen year old woman named Kate studied art history while exploring her love for writing fiction. Eager to learn as much as possible, she worked in the school’s art gallery, learning from amatuer and professional artists alike.

“Art history was a love of mine and at the time I thought traveling the world in pursuit of forgers would be the ultimate experience.”
~ Kate Bowyer


Phil, also nineteen, was a firefighter/E.M.T for the Orange County Fire Department. A casting agent sent a notice to the local fire departments looking for extras and technical advisors for a movie about the 1989 San Fransisco earthquake called After the Shock.

Gary Sherman, who dominated 80’s television, tapped Phil to reprise his role as a firefighter on two primetime shows; Family Man and Perfect Strangers, where he got to work with Gregory Harrison, Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn Baker.

“I thought it sounded cool and before I knew it, I was sitting on a couch at Sidewinder Studios chatting with Scott Valenitine and Rue McClanahan while we waited for our call time.”
~Phil Bowyer


As Phil’s short term acting career was taking off, Kate’s interests shifted from art to writing as a career. She built a library of writing projects, many of which have sat in the vault, except for a couple of children stories; Petie Da Wude Turtle & Humphrey and Heloise, which were published in the late 90’s.


Fast forward to late 2005. Kate and Phil have been married for fourteen years. They formed a company called Phibble, which started out as a radio station with radio hosts from the U.S., England, and Australia, broadcasting six radio shows, all featuring independent music spanning all genres across the globe.

They also produced a short radio series called “15 Minutes With…” which led to interviews with Howard Jones, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, and Pamela Moore.

“I remember one night I told Phil that Howard Jones was coming to town and we should go. He said we should interview him, but I didn’t think we could make that happen, but a few days later I was talking to one of my favorite’s from the 80’s”
~ Kate Bowyer


After about a year, the couple created Phibble Films, their first production company, which released a short horror film called, Crossed.

Crossed was shot on literally zero budget, and was really an excuse to release a sixteen song soundtrack comprising of music from the bands they were working with. One of those songs was a cover of (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by a band called The Metal Knights, which was was produced by Craig Goldy (Dio, Budgie). Rudy Sarzo of Ozzy and Quiet Riot fame, was touring with Blue Oyster Cult at the time and brought the song to the band.

Phibble Films also produced a daily live show called Phibble 4, a concert series, an interview series, and three genre based shows that played music videos from independent artists.

During this time, Kate started to write a trilogy about a demon fighting guardian angel (which has been turned into an seven part experience). In 2014 she wrote a book firing the spark that inspired BoozeHound; How I Quit eMail and Followed My Dreams.

It was during the writing of this book she realized she wanted to explore other forms of art, especially the world of film.




Phil had been working as a consultant, publishing two books of his own; Social Media Strategies and Coloring Outside the Lines.

“I found myself always going towards the creative side of things. I wanted to create. I mean, when I left the fire service in ’93, I jumped right into the entrepreneur game and I guess after 20+ years I’d had enough. I really enjoyed writing the books, recording the podcasts and doing the videos.”
~Phil Bowyer


But it was Kate who pushed the idea of BoozeHound forward.

After a year the new venture still did not have a name. Kate and Phil had been searching for one that suited the company, their personalities and their interests. Nothing seemed to fit. Taking a break from planning their world domination, they sat down and caught an old episode of the television show M*A*S*H.

One of the characters called another, who was stumbling to his tent, a “BoozeHound”. Kate and Phil looked at each other, and knew they had the name of their new venture. The name blended their love for their two hound dogs, Bumpus and Slinky, and their new found love for whiskey and vodka tasting.

“As soon as I heard it, I knew that would be our name. After a minute or so of discussing it, Phil went to his office and registered the domain names and BoozeHound was official.”
~Kate Bowyer


Over the next couple of months, BoozeHound produced several shows; The Kate Show, which in many ways was a visual version of How I Quit eMail and explored the art of silent film storytelling. The Weekly Howl took a creative approach to business concepts. It also produced Phil’s Rule Breaking Ideas Podcast, which aired every week.

It wasn’t until the debut of The Lazy Bartender when the couple fully embraced their creative side.

“We really want to bring other artists into the mix now. We never wanted this to be about us, but about bringing different artists together to create amazing projects.”


In early 2014, BoozeHound teamed up with the Swedish rock band Grand Rezerva, using their music in their shows.