Kate Bowyer

Writer / Producer / Actress

Kate's Books

The Attic Collection

A collection of very disturbing short horror stories, written by Kate Bowyer.

We double dog dare you to read these before bed.

Lost Angel Experience


The root of sin is desire, and sin is the root of Evil, but when Good embraces desire it creates an infinite loop where Good and Evil become indistinguishable.

There are Seven Circles of the Lost Angel Experience. Each one telling stories of Good versus Evil, where souls are tormented before they leave their body and often don’t always end up in their rightful place. It tells the stories of the Lost Angels - the rogue demons and angels - who defy their Father and create a special blend of Evil that is worse than Hell.

How I Quit eMail

How I Quit Email

I wrote this book to prove to myself that if I stopped my number one distraction (email), then I could do anything. You know what? It worked.

This book fired the spark that inspired BoozeHound Entertainment.


Kate's Films



The year is 2016 and the rights of U.S. citizens have been slowly stripped away, including the use of any non-electronic forms of communication. One woman inherits a 1940’s Smith Corona typewriter, the only device left not under government control.

This is the first chatper in BoozeHound's "Dystopian Experience"

I was the writer, director and played the lead character. This was something I did for a film festival.

Petting The Unicorn


Phil is a tough guy on the Internet looking to add to his unicorn collection, when a psychotic employee at Acme Unicorn Co., the website he is browsing, catches him in the act of not subscribing to their Email list and now he is no longer safe in his own home.

Inspired by Kate's book, "How I Quit Email & Followed My Dreams".

I was the writer and camera operator. I also played the stunt double of Layna.



In a world, where one woman's journey with the unsubscribe process, leads her to explode with outbursts of epic proportions, comes Maude and her trusty side-kick Rarity the Unicorn.

No unicorns were harmed in the making of this trailer for the book, "How I Quit eMail & Followed My Dreams"

I was the writer and director. I also play the voice of Sally.


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