How I Quit Email

the Book that jumpstarted BoozeHound, by Kate Bowyer

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I wrote this book to prove to myself that if I stopped my number one distraction (email), then I could do anything. You know what? It worked.

Table Of Contents:

Let’s Begin @ The Beginning, Part 1
Chapter 1….When Email Goes Wild
Chapter 2….Use It Or Lose It
Chapter 3….I Ain’t No Accountant
Chapter 4….Connect 4

You’re Not the Boss of Me, Part 2
Chapter 5….You Are What Your Inbox Eats
Chapter 6….I Am My Own Superhero
Chapter 7….Selfish Is Not a 4 Letter Word
Chapter 8….I Don’t Rent, I Own My Dream

Doing it My Way, Part 3
Chapter 9….How to Score With Your Inbox
Chapter 10…Road Trippin
Chapter 11…Folders Are for Losers Except The Way I Do It
Chapter 12…Beware of the Stalker
Chapter 13…When You Got it Flaunt It

The End of the Beginning, Part 4
Chapter 14…Watch Out for the Pointy End
Chapter 15…Where’s That Bendy Straw?

Bad Habits
Under the Harsh Lights

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