Coloring Outside The Lines

Phil Bowyer’s Rule Book for Rule Breaking

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Coloring Outside The Lines dives deep into you and your business. In Coloring Outside The Lines I talk about some things that entrepreneurs don’t often like to think about, but are critical in raising a successful business.

I ask the tough questions that will help you identify your true passion, identify and kill problems and finally create habits that keep you on the right track. If you are looking for an easy button this book isn’t it.

Success doesn’t come from pushing an easy button but rather from having a deep understanding of how you personally operate, the individual needs of your business and it’s customers.

Table Of Contents:


Do You Have What It Takes To Color Outside The Lines?

Part I – Passion
Chapter One: Passion Trumps All
Chapter Two: Living Your Passion

Part II – The Brutal Truth: What Would You Say You Do Here?
Chapter Three: Who Are You? Really, Who The Hell Are You?
Chapter Four: Oh God It Hurts!

Part III – The Brutal Truth: How Bad Do You Want It?
Chapter Five: Get Out From Under The Covers
Chapter Six: Making The Lizard Brain Your Bitch
Chapter Seven: Quit Stalling And Make It Happen

Part IV – Getting Shit Done
Chapter Eight: Busy Versus Productive
Chapter Nine: You Can’t Do It Alone
Chapter Ten: How The Hell Do I Do That Again?

Part V – Moving The Needle
Chapter Eleven: Failing Failure That Fails
Chapter Twelve: Are You Successful? Would You Know It If You Were?


A Story To Tie It All Together

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