And Howl! Live Happy Hour Show


Every Friday, Kate, and Phil go live for happy hour fun. In addition to the drink of the week, music and the “Howling Bumpus Drinking Game”, each week has a different theme;

Week 1: “BoozeHound Chair Darts”
This is a game where you pick which team you want to be on – Kate’s or Phil’s. They each throw three darts at a dartboard sitting upright on the floor about three feet away. Whoever gets the most points wins.

Week 2: “BoozeHound Trivia”
Eight questions, each worth one point each. Answer in the chat and keep track of your score (honor system) and whoever gets the most correct answers, wins!

Week 3: “Best Week Ever”
We could all use a little more good things in our life, right? So, this is where we share the best thing that happened to us that week or even that month.

Week 4: “Anything Goes”
As the title implies, we bring up whatever is on our minds – even the socially taboo subjects like politics and religion are fair game. So if you have something on your mind, this is where you can share it. (No hate, keep it positive and constructive. Haters will be banned).

And Howl goes live every Friday @ 5PM MT / 4PM PT / 7PM ET / 1AM in most of Europe. There is no replay, so catch it live!

How to Listen

If you’re a Castbox user, you can find us under the “LiveCast” tab. If not, use the web version.

Note: If you want to interact with the show (and we really, really want you to), you’ll have to download the Castbox App. Alternatively, you can use Facebook Messenger.

The Official And Howl Playlist

Happy hour isn’t happy hour unless you have booze and music, so we thought it would be awesome to create our own playlist on Spotify. Mike, our Music Director (and lead singer of Grand Rezerva) curates the bands you hear on this playlist.

We will always add new bands and switch out songs to keep it fresh, so make sure to subscribe so you get notified when it’s updated.

Currently, we have the following bands and songs:

Grand Rezerva – Hellhound
Team Anarchy – Divide
Grand Rezerva – The Only One
Team Anarchy – Heartbeat Revolution
Grand Rezerva – Hell and High Water
The South Society – Hallowlands