About BoozeHound

BoozeHound Entertainment may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’re definitely everyone’s shot of one-hundred-proof whiskey.

BoozeHound was founded by us (Kate and Phil Bowyer) after an afternoon sipping our world-famous cocktails. That’s something we often do after a hard day’s work crafting the magic that happens in Speakeasy Studios.

We know, you wanna know about the magic, don’t you? Everybody does.

The magic of BoozeHound lies within three primary things; question everything, not letting anything get in the way of how a story is told, and bringing artists of all types together to create something truly original.

See, the only thing more important than a healthy pour of whiskey is the experience we provide for our fans. A story shouldn’t be watched, read, or listened to, it should make you feel part of the story. It should suck you in. That’s our goal with each and every series we produce.

Well, hey look at that. It’s almost happy hour, and you probably clicked on this “about page” by mistake and are to polite to bail, so we’ll wrap this up by saying, “We Are BoozeHound”. All of us. You, us, them. Even that guy over there wearing the unicorn shirt.

Welcome. We’re happy you’re here for the ride. Hang on to your butts!


Kate & Phil


  • Kate and Phil’s celebrity mashup name is…. “Phate”.
  • Kate and Phil’s first entetainment company was called Phibble, and focused on music.
  • Kate and Phil have known each other since high school.