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The year is 2016 and the rights of U.S. citizens have been slowly stripped away, including the use of any non-electronic forms of communication. One woman inherits a 1940’s Smith Corona typewriter, the only device left not under government control.

If Adults... Had Cocktail Trucks

In honor of Summer Solstice, Kate & Phil take a trip to the park, where the familiar sounds of music coming from the Cocktail Truck. Will he have anything good?

The Lazy Bartender - Spiked Frosty

The #LazyBartender is stunned to find her stockpile of ice has gone missing. When she discovers who took it, and what he used it for, it inspires her to make a new drink; the Spiked Frosty.




Book One of the Lost Angel Trilogy

Some argue the soul is the most important part of a person. While the body will die, the soul lives on for all eternity. Others believe the soul transfers to the newly born. Some say Reapers must convince a soul to leave with them to take it to the proper place. The last group will tell you the soul spends time in one of three other worlds; Heaven, Hell or Purgatory.

In Isolation, we find Christian, a boy, in full possession of his soul while a battle rages around him between a demon named Surath and his guardian angel, Elek. Both entities are committed to making it their own, and here is where the question lies; what happens when a war breaks out over a soul while the body still claims it?

Follow the Lost Angel Series from Heaven to Hell and see who holds the prize in their hands at the end.

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Book Two of the Lost Angel Trilogy

It is several years after the events in the small Idaho town. Ariel is now finishing up medical school. Those earlier days with Christian still haunt her, and things are about to get worse as strange events precede the start of her psych rotation.

Her first day at the asylum starts out with an injured ankle and upsetting the hospital's head of psychiatry. The doctor sends her to the local asylum, where the creepy head doctor makes each minute more uncomfortable than the one before.

She meets a patient whom she doesn't recognize but something about him feels familiar. Due to a case of amnesia, nobody has any idea who this man is, but Ariel is drawn to him which begins a series of events that lead to... well, we can't spoil the surprise now can we.

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