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The Vow
Lazy Bartender - Thanks Hallow Christ

Playing October 17th through November 21st.

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When Sutton Blackhill discovers tapes of an old woman’s dying promise to a demon, she becomes part of an infinite loop of evil, forcing a battle with one of the most powerful demons to walk the Earth.

In this fight between Good and Evil, it’s not always easy to tell which is which, and souls don’t always end up in their rightful place.

The Vow is the First of Seven Circles of the Lost Angel Experience. This novelette both opens and closes the loop, showing what happens when desire and sin powers both Good and Evil.

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The year is 2016 and the rights of U.S. citizens have been slowly stripped away, including the use of any non-electronic forms of communication. One woman inherits a 1940’s Smith Corona typewriter, the only device left not under government control.

Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario is a randomly released comic illustrating that even though you may be having a bad day, it could be worse.


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Scenes From The Attic


When the routine of everyday life is touched by horror & the unexplained, it comes to the attic.

Releases Worldwide October 31th everywhere podcasts are heard.

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