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What Is Dead May Never Die

The original vision for BoozeHound was always to create something that brought artists of all types together.

In late 2019, after completing one of the most challenging projects we’ve ever done, BoozeHound went on a hiatus because we realized a shift had to occur.

A shift back to the original idea of bringing artists together and creating something revolutionary. Revolutionary in how art is made and monetized.

For the last few months, we’ve been crafting “BH20”, a term coined by Kate, BoozeHound’s co-founder. We’ve been crafting online entertainment for fifteen years and where many see challenges in these difficult times, we see an opportunity. We see a new era of entertainment.

One of the biggest pieces of “BH20” is BoozeHound Productions, a newly formed division of BoozeHound Entertainment that helps produce live concerts, podcasts, books, and other unique projects that bring artists and fans together.

A lot is happening behind the scenes, so follow the resurrection on your favorite social network:



On May 28th, we’ll be launching our first ever Tweetchat to compliment our newest podcast, Sounds On Vinyl. Follow #SoundsOnVinyl for updates and to join in the fun.